Employer branding for ZVV security staff

Recruiting security personnel for the ZVV network is not easy, as the tasks, working hours and workload demand a lot from the employees. But as representative surveys show, the “Sidis” – as security guards call themselves – are extremely appreciated by the population. And this is also the case with young passengers on their way home at night. Heads was commissioned by the ZVV to establish the self-image of a cordial host among the security personnel, and in a second step was commissioned by Securitas to support recruitment.

Film and social media clips increase the appeal

The results include an employer branding film and social media clips. They make the significance and attractiveness of the job comprehensible and show that the “Sidis” are there for much more than most passengers assume.

Between pride and a sense of responsibility

The employer branding measures help to reach more suitable candidates. Moreover, they help to increase the awareness of existing “Sidis” regarding their duties and responsibilities as well as to create internal pride for this important function.

— Employer Branding