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We develop strategies around your company identity, creating the foundation for a strong corporate brand.


We dig deep into your corporate branding and carefully identify its different characteristics so that these can be developed and strengthened, while preserving what it is that makes them special.

Heads Brand Profiling™

Brand profiling is a technique that we’ve been testing for more than ten years. We use it to quickly identify companies, customers and context for you and discover unique brand potential.

Purpose, vision, mission and values

We help you set your company’s purpose, goals and values with succinct, consistent and compelling wording. We use them to draw up a powerful mission statement that means what it says.

Brand positioning, value proposition, brand promise

We explore relevant and authentic areas for potential brand differentiation and we draw up a brand promise that appeals to your customers and inspires your employees.

Brand and portfolio architecture

We structure your brand portfolio to suit market requirements by developing systems that help your customers navigate your portfolio and that clarify your business strategy for investors.

Brand management

We make sure that investments in brand development pay dividends in the long term. By creating processes to manage and develop your brand.


We consider design to be a discipline that can help solve business challenges.

Brand design

We create visual languages and design systems that define your brand’s style. We help you build a distinctive identity with a bespoke design concept.

Brand experience

We create experiences that consistently look, sound and feel like the brand across all touchpoints. We design brand engagement opportunities that increase brand awareness, especially on digital channels.

Names and slogans

We create catchy names and slogans that make you stand out from the crowd. They reflect your corporate identity, and they can be trademarked.

Corporate wording

Wir unterstützen Sie darin, eine einheitliche Sprachregelung zu finden, die zu Ihrem Unternehmen passt. Damit die richtigen Worte Identität stärken und Vertrauen ausbauen.

Brand communications

We develop communication strategies based on what your target audiences need and how they benefit from your products or services.


Change is a constant that requires constant communication.

Corporate culture und behavioral branding

The more your employees can identify with the company’s purpose, goals and values, the greater their loyalty will be. We help you communicate your mission and put those words into action.

Leadership engagement

Middle management’s dynamism is a key factor in change. We develop tools that your management team can use to communicate with employees and galvanise them into actively supporting the internal and external company goals.

Employer branding and EVP development

We develop strong employer brands and draw up compelling employer value propositions. These are used to support recruitment campaigns and make all the difference when vying for top talent.


Heads Corporate Branding AG, established in 1981, is an owner-operated branding and design agency headquartered in Zurich. Heads’ approach to corporate branding and brand management is holistic with a strong theoretical underpinning. Heads develops and advises on brand strategy, brand design, brand communication, internal and external brand management, and transformation processes based on corporate identity. When it comes to developing strategy and corporate identity, we create very authentic, relevant and distinctive brand personalities.

By offering our support in company transformation (corporate culture, behavioural/internal branding, leadership, engagement), we ensure that our clients’ employees are truly motivated to fulfil their brand promise and help our clients’ employer brands become a deciding factor when vying to attract and retain top talent (employer branding). We develop logos and corporate designs that consistently communicate our clients’ brand promises to their customers across all brand touchpoints.

And we create brand communication strategies that clearly focus on the main areas of value that the brand offers the target groups. Under ‘Work’, you can browse through our case studies to find countless examples of our work in all the above-mentioned areas. For a more in-depth look at the services that are relevant to you we are happy to schedule a no-obligation meeting with you to discuss our ideas. We look forward to hearing from you.