Leading 5,500 employees to excellent customer orientation

AMAG intends to exploit its great potential in customer orientation. Only one in two new car customers remains an after-sales customer of the company. Heads is charged with internal strategic and operational brand management and is to develop a program to raise awareness and change behavior in service and customer orientation. CEO Morten Hannesbo sums it up: “Our service doesn’t have to satisfy our customers; it has to delight them!“

Incorporating customer surprise into the corporate culture

If AMAG wants to inspire customers, it must succeed in surprising them again and again in a positive way. Heads therefore creates the internal motto WE SURPR!SE. Under this memorable internal signal, employees are won over to excellent customer and service orientation in a variety of ways. The focus is on middle management – the key factor in increasing service and customer orientation. However, the initiative is aimed at the entire workforce, as teams on the customer front can only be convincing if all of the more than 5,500 employees focus their work on customers. Heads’ “AUTO process” uses the “tactics of pinpricks” to sensitize the workforce to excellent customer orientation in the form of attention, understanding, trust and impact.

A sustainable company motto

After 24 months, customer orientation has demonstrably increased. More and more new vehicle customers are staying with AMAG even after purchasing a vehicle. The customer initiative is dovetailed with day-to-day business and WE SURPR!SE develops into a sustainable corporate motto.

— Corporate Culture