Image consistently aligned with customer benefits

AMAG has a diffuse brand image and a large number of product and service brands. Customers are confronted with different brand interpretations by different AMAG departments. Evaluations of customer surveys show that all sub-brands are perceived primarily as AMAG, that the many sub-brands tend to cause confusion, and that AMAG has a vague brand profile that is not very customer oriented. AMAG decided on a fundamental change of perspective: The brand was to focus on the customer’s needs rather than on the product range.

With a brand analysis to a uniform appearance

In a brand workshop with top management and representatives of the various divisions, Heads investigates the perception of the AMAG brand, analyzes the potential of similarities and the limitations of differences. Even though the current perception of brand values and brand personality differs, the divisions agree on the future direction of the brand. AMAG therefore opts for a monobrand strategy. AMAG’s own typeface ensures good recognition, and a fresh color palette composed of the tones of the plant brands contributes to the harmonious integration of the products into the corporate communication. The visual language has also become more emotional and lively: The focus of communication is no longer on cars, but on the people whose mobility AMAG is committed to every day.

Realistic, Relevant and Differentiating

Heads develops the image and formulates a brand promise that is defined by a realistically desired core understanding of the brand, is relevant to the customer (as determined by customer surveys) and is sustainably differentiated from the competition. From the comprehensive brand analysis, success potentials and instructions for action can be derived for all areas to be integrated. Dino Graf, Head of Corporate Communications at AMAG: “Heads understood our internal organization very well and managed to consolidate it from the customer’s point of view. The agency’s 360-degree approach, the good exchange and the close cooperation led to an effective result that is now also visible to the outside world.”

— Brand Design / Brand Experience