Namics AG

The first truly digital corporate identity

Namics AG decided to launch a new corporate identity. After initial, rather conventional proposals from other agencies, Heads was asked to develop a truly new and innovative form of corporate identity. The business of Namics is characterized by innovation, and this innovative strength should also be recognizable in the company’s appearance. Namics also wanted the new look to reflect the high level of employee involvement and dynamism that characterize the company’s culture and quality.

Employees determine the logo

Heads consistently translates the high degree of co-determination of the Namics team into a “living” appearance. Employees can use various channels to create a dynamic word mark with impulses, which is then used as the logo. The impulses are sent via Twitter, Spider, SMS and the intranet. After a format check, the impulses find their way into the system and become part of the dynamic wordmark as formatted output. This wordmark is used in real time on screens and the website. New phrases are constantly pulled from the phrase library for all printed materials. Employees’ business cards feature only individual impulses.

Red Dot Design Award for new corporate identity

Namics thus has the first real-time corporate identity and a truly digital corporate brand. The new corporate identity wins the Red Dot Design Award, probably the most important design price in Europe.

— Brand Experience