Increased market impact with a clear profile

AMAG has a diffuse brand image and a large number of product and service brands. Customers are confronted with different brand interpretations from different AMAG departments. In addition, brand management with a large number of independent sub-brands is extremely diverse and cost-intensive. Evaluations of customer surveys show that all sub-brands are primarily perceived as AMAG, that the many sub-brands tend to cause confusion, and that AMAG has an unclear brand profile.

From analysis to rebranding

In a brand workshop with the top management and representatives of the various divisions, we investigate the perception of the AMAG brand and analyze the potential resulting from similarities and the limitations resulting from differences. Even though the current perception of brand values and brand personality differs, the divisions agree on the future direction of the brand. AMAG therefore opts for a mono-brand strategy. Heads formulates a brand promise that is defined by a realistically desired core understanding of the brand, is relevant to the customer (as determined by customer surveys), and sustainably differentiates the brand from the competition. From the comprehensive brand analysis, the potential for success and instructions for action can be derived for all areas to be integrated. AMAG’s new brand promise will be communicated with a TV commercial and other communication measures. The focus of AMAG’s new communication is no longer on cars, but on the people whose mobility AMAG supports on a daily basis. A wide variety of people provide touching insights into happy moments in their lives that were made possible by the car; mobility opens up new worlds, creates freedom and provides access to a socially and personally fulfilling life. Accordingly, mobility is filled with very positive emotions, which are consciously activated in brand communication. And AMAG’s role is to enable and guarantee this highly valued mobility. The communication is complemented by a nationwide banner campaign in which a competition invites people to share their most beautiful personal car moments on a microsite. People from all over Switzerland provided 5600 stories and thus 5600 insights into highly emotional and personal relationship stories around the automobile. Heads systematically evaluated and clustered these stories using text analysis. The result is a valuable basis for marketing and brand communication decisions. With this in-depth knowledge of the “car emotions” of the Swiss population, AMAG is able to address the feelings of existing and potential customers even more precisely in its marketing activities.

More positive perception and increased efficiency through simplified brand structure

The single brand strategy and the clear image as a customer-oriented service provider not only increase the impact in the market. Thanks to a significantly simplified brand structure, AMAG can act faster and more efficiently: AMAG needs only one fifth of the previous design variants. The new image has also been well received by customers. Following the rebranding, AMAG is perceived as much more attentive, straightforward, solution-oriented and competent.

— Brand Communication