Time Zone Zürich

Sales increase through repositioning

Founded in 2003, “Zeit Zone Zürich” on Zurich’s Kreuzplatz sells, repairs and overhauls a wide variety of watch models. The market has not become easier in recent years – growing online competition is squeezing margins in watch sales. Heads was commissioned to develop a clear brand strategy for “Zeit Zone Zürich” and to place the differentiating core competencies at the center of the communication.

Tracking down the differentiation potential

The analysis showed that the company cannot differentiate itself sufficiently through watch sales. The differentiation potential lies in the sometimes highly complex revision work, which is carried out with great enthusiasm at “Zeit Zone Zürich”. The team is fascinated by working on watches with history, and their expertise and certifications in this field make them unique. Even watch stores on Bahnhofstrasse are sometimes happy to have a “problem child” on Kreuzplatz restarted. Accordingly, “Zeit Zone Zürich” has been repositioned as a “watchmaking workshop”. The magazine, which is published annually, has also been consistently geared to the art of watchmaking. The focus of the communication is on the emotional value that watches derive from their history. Stories like that of the IWC, which fell from the sky on its owner’s wrist in a biplane in Africa and is carefully preserved at “Zeit Zone Zürich”.

Wave of orders following the launch of the new customer magazine

The storytelling for “Zeit Zone Zürich” is catching on with customers: After the publication of the new customer magazine, “Zeit Zone Zürich” is almost overrun with revision orders. The team must be strengthened so that the orders can still be completed in a time that is acceptable to the customers. “Zeit Zone Zürich” establishes itself as Zürich’s first address for revisions and repairs of watches that mean a lot to their owners.

— Analysis / Brand Positioning