University of Zurich

Multi-layered logo for 175 years of UZH

The University of Zurich wants to celebrate its 175th anniversary in a festive way and commissions Heads with the development of an anniversary logo.

The future abbreviation in the jubilee logo

During the research around the anniversary, Heads learns that the university intends to establish the abbreviation UZH soon. Heads recommends that the abbreviation be introduced right away as part of the anniversary. After all, the university will not be able to present itself so intensively in its entirety again soon. Heads develops a jubilee logo that corresponds to the festive jubilee, introduces the new abbreviation, and symbolizes the interdisciplinarity and diversity of the university through the superimposed color areas.

A pleasing result

The jubilee logo works in all areas of application necessary for the jubilee and the abbreviation UZH is a fixed term for the population of Zurich after the versatile communicated jubilee.

— Analysis / Brand Positioning