An IT consulting company takes a stand

Heyde, a specialist for system integration of software standard applications, is confronted with an outdated appearance and insufficient brand appeal. Since almost all employees are in daily contact with customers, a clear, conscious, and lived brand identity is of great importance for a consistent perception of Heyde.

Explore and establish brand identity company-wide

The agency determines a clear picture of the perceived brand personality by the employees, records the change elasticity and compares the self-image with the desired external perception in the form of a survey of customers and partners. The brand personality captured in this way leads to the definition of differentiating characteristics that Heyde can use to distinguish itself among its stakeholders and consciously differentiate itself from the competition. Heads formulates a brand promise that is clearly understood by all employees and that emphasizes the partnership-based and solution-focused way in which Heyde advises its customers. The employees are consciously involved in the individual process steps to promote their joint responsibility for the brand identity. Based on this, the agency develops a new image for the company.

In a behavioral branding concept, focal points are set, and behavior is consolidated in the sense of the newly defined brand. In a series of workshops, employees are sensitized to the key topics and, through insights and subsequent active participation, consolidated in brand-appropriate behavioral patterns. And so that the knowledge gained can become a basis for work and is also accessible to new employees, all the findings on each individual focus topic are summarized in a booklet.

More corporate awareness, a better basis for decision-making and a clear profile that can be experienced in the long term

With the definition of the brand values, Heyde and its employees have not only gained corporate awareness, but also have a basis for action and evaluation for decision-making. The ongoing joint work on topics not only strengthens communication skills and team cohesion, but also helps the brand to achieve a clear profile that can be experienced in the long term, both internally and externally. A self-confident design language gives Heyde additional stature, which is noticeably reflected in a changed structure of new customer inquiries.

— Analysis / Brand Positioning