Brand Strategy

With V-ZUG to mission and vision

Despite all its success, the stock market darling V-ZUG keeps its feet on the ground. This is the perception of the Heads agency, which accompanied the company in the first half of 2021 in the formulation of corporate values, mission and vision.

“V-ZUG is unstoppable now. The shares of the household appliance manufacturer know only one direction: upwards,” wrote “Finanz & Wirtschaft” this April. Of course, V-ZUG is pleased about the unbroken high level of interest in the company, which has been listed on the SIX since June 2020, but under the leadership of the enterprising CEO Peter Spirig, the company is working intensively and with great respect for its history to achieve long-term success. This includes addressing the positioning and sustainable orientation of the company. To this end, various working groups and different committees worked out where V-ZUG’s strengths and opportunities lie.

Heads Corporate Branding was then commissioned to scrutinize and consolidate these results and to use them to formulate values, mission, and vision for the company. In the project led by Peter Spirig and HR Manager Sandra Forster, Heads suggested that the external perception should be given even more weight and conducted interviews with various opinion leaders. The appreciative voices about V-ZUG from Switzerland and abroad were impressive. While the Swiss star designer, who grew up with V-ZUG, admires above all the user-friendliness of the appliances, his British colleague is fascinated by their durability. And for the interior design star in Hong Kong, Swissness is particularly important. He perceives this not only in V-ZUG’s engineering skills, which Germans have mastered just as well, but also in the attitude of subordinating everything to functionality. This means that V-ZUG can be perfectly integrated into interior design concepts and is made for China’s premium segment. A clientele that not only has the desire, but also the means to equip the living and kitchen area with the world’s best products. Opportunities for V-ZUG around the globe, but not quite easy to bring this down to a universal denominator. Moreover, the internal committees – from the executives to the management to the Board of Directors – were concerned that (too) many of the V-ZUG qualities would fall by the wayside in the formulation of values, mission, and vision.

Intensive cooperation with all reference groups showed that this concern was unfounded: The three defined core values have been lived in the company for decades – they are and remain the basis of success. And the mission and vision do not focus on individual performance parameters but convey the high customer benefit of the solutions. After all, this is the declared ambition of all internal stakeholders: whatever customers have in mind, whatever surprising things are to be achieved: V ZUG is at home by their side.

The core values of V-ZUG

For decades, we have been striving for precision, durability and sustainability. We stand for outstanding Swiss craftsmanship and are always looking for new solutions and perfect functionality.

We accompany our customers in their everyday lives by thinking like they do and making life easier for them. We help them to master their daily challenges so that they can enjoy a more relaxing life.

With our perfect combination of technology and design, we inspire our customers to be creative. We are united by our passion for helping people feel comfortable and inspired in their homes.

The V-ZUG mission

Our Swiss precision and innovative nature allow our customers to realise their individual ambitions. These qualities enable sustainable, smooth functioning for fast-paced lives as well as the joy of creating brilliant dishes to make any occasion truly special. Whatever our customers have in mind, whatever new creation they want to perfect: V-ZUG is by their side at home.

The V-ZUG vision

Bringing simplicity into your home and creativity into your kitchen.

— Ralph Hermann / 21 June 2021