Real Estate Management aesthetically staged

UTOREM (Utoquai Real Estate Management) is an independent real estate service provider for the development and management of real estate assets on a mandate basis. Heads was commissioned to create a corporate design and a new website to express and sustain the brand identity – offline as well as online.

Appearance inspired by architecture

Heads created a new logo, font, corporate colors, coherent imagery and online presence. The logo design was inspired by constructivism, the artistic style from the first half of the 20th century, which, with its proximity to spatial design and architecture, fits well with the world of real estate. The soft, warm corporate colors contrast the severity of the logo and create atmosphere and closeness. The imagery underpins UTOREM’s identity and shows architectural themes and activities related to real estate services. The website is structured in several sections and appears in the new corporate design. The focus is on structured company information and user-friendly navigation. The impressive imagery underlines the design affinity of UTOREM.

Communicating professionalism and zeitgeist

The new corporate design marks the beginning of UTO Real Estate Management AG. The modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance fits perfectly into the real estate industry and enables UTOREM to convey professionalism and zeitgeist.

— Brand Design / Brand Experience