Swiss Life

Simplification of the corporate identity

The internationally active, long-established market leader in life and pensions saw the need to revise its corporate design. In addition to improving overall user-friendliness, the aim was to facilitate uniform implementation in the various cultural regions.

Common denominator for country-specific communication conditions

Heads analyzes the country-specific communication conditions and needs and reduces the complexity of the existing corporate design to an accepted and meaningful common denominator. As a result, the corporate identity becomes clearer and easier to understand: secondary colors are reduced, basic design elements are standardized, and the literature concept is simplified.

Less expensive, less complicated and faster

Corporate design in the spirit of Albert Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” In this way, Swiss Life is making its communication tools more cost-effective, less complicated and faster. Swiss Life’s three national companies in Switzerland, Germany and France also appreciate the simplified design guidelines for their compatibility with country-specific requirements.

— Brand design / Brand experience

«Wir haben uns für die Zusammenarbeit mit Heads entschieden, weil uns der klar strukturierte und dennoch pragmatische Ansatz überzeugt hat.»

Corinne Pellerin,
Head of Corporate Marketing Swiss Life