Grün Stadt Zürich

Seduced by Zürich’s wilderness

Together with other organizations, Grün Stadt Zürich offers the city’s population more than 200 events and excursions related to urban nature every year. From a tomato seedling market to the feeding of bat babies, there is something for every urban nature lover. An advertising campaign is designed to make the public more aware of these diverse offerings.

“Saubande” and “Spiesser” join forces in an advertising campaign

Heads selected exciting experiences from the 200 events and used them to promote the diverse program on posters and in a cinema trailer. The green agenda, which can be found in its entirety on the city’s website and on Facebook, is distributed as a fanfold in the city’s venues.

The urban population discovers Zurich’s wilderness

The diverse and educational offers of Grün Stadt Zürich receive more attention and inspire the city’s population to discover Zurich’s wilderness.

— Brand Communication