Excellence Foundation Zurich

Four Nobel laureates in economics promote Zurich as a center of science

On the initiative of Prof. Dr. Ernst Fehr, the Excellence Foundation Zurich for Economic and Social Research is established. Its purpose is to enable socially relevant, cutting-edge economic research at the University of Zurich and thus contribute to solving pressing global problems. A film is produced to show potential sponsors why an investment in Behavioral Economics in Zurich is worthwhile.

It must be Zurich

Heads features four Nobel Laureates in Economics, all of whom believe that Zurich would be an excellent location for further research in Behavioral Economics.

100 million for the expansion of the Behavioral Economics Department

Ernst Fehr’s efforts and persuasive communication of the advantages of Zurich as a strong science location for Behavioral Economics are paying off: UBS is investing CHF 100 million to expand research in Behavioral Economics at the University of Zurich.

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