Careal Real Estate Ltd.

The real estate company at a glance

Careal Immobilien AG is a subsidiary of Careal Holding AG, a Swiss family-owned company. Careal Immobilien AG invests in investment properties throughout Switzerland, both in existing properties and in project developments. The portfolio currently comprises 600 apartments and 20,000 m2 of commercial space, which are in the portfolio or will be realized in the medium term. The website is intended to convey the company’s self-image as a long-term oriented developer and investor that follows a sustainable investment strategy.

Clear and simple

The corporate website is designed as a one-pager with a paralax effect. The project developments are presented in a thumbnail gallery.

Clarity is ensured

The website provides a quick overview of the company’s activities and offers the possibility to present project developments in the form of a profile.

— Brand Experience