Zurich museums

New appearance for the Zurich museums

The Association of Zurich Museums represents the interests of 60 museums and communicates their diverse offerings. To attract even more Zurich residents to the museums, it was necessary to modernize the appearance and bring the website up to date both visually and functionally.

Perfect interplay of diversity and functionality

The new website designed by Heads conveys what Zurich’s museums have to offer: surprising experiences in a wide range of topics and an incredible variety of exhibitions and events. To find its way through the large number of constantly changing offers, Heads, in collaboration with the Biel-based digital agency Campfire, has redesigned the website both visually and functionally. With a greatly expanded filter function, you can now find what you are interested in even faster on the website – from over 160 offers at a time.

The people of Zurich discover their museums

Brigit Wehrli-Schindler, President of the Association of Zurich Museums, on the new website: “Many Zurich residents know the museums of other major cities almost better than those of their own city. Since city trips are less in vogue now, it’s fitting that we’re now making it even easier for locals to discover the high quality of our museums for themselves.”

— Brand Design / Brand Experience