New look for Scolaris

Even before the pandemic, digital solutions for schools were in high demand, but during the crisis they became indispensable for school operations. More than 500 schools and 150 music schools in all cantons of Switzerland already work with the school administration system Scolaris and use the digital possibilities such as parent portals, chat function, documents with workflow or IT solutions in pedagogy. To position itself even more clearly in the market, PMI.AG invested in its Scolaris brand and commissioned Heads to renew its positioning and appearance.

More precise positioning conveys more modernity and proximity

By means of brand profiling, Heads sharpened the positioning and formulated the new brand promise: “With versatile and practical solutions, Scolaris is committed to efficient digital collaboration in the school sector”. In keeping with the platform’s high level of user-friendliness, the logo now gives you a smile. And in the short form for app applications, “Scolaris” even becomes a winning, Portuguese “ola”. For the imagery, Heads developed a concept based on outstanding school building architecture – symbolizing Scolari’s’ modernity and proximity to school operations.

Clear differentiation from competitors

With its new image, Scolaris consistently places users and their digital needs at the center. This clearly differentiates the school administration system from its competitors, who primarily focus on their product performance in their appearance.

— Analysis / Brand Design / Experience Design