Strengthening digital communication

As a professional association for human resources management and internal communications, Perikom promotes the exchange of practical experience and networking between corporate communications and human resources. Digital communication is playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of knowledge and experience. So it is only logical that Perikom should also act in a particularly user-friendly way via its website. The website should facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience and promote registrations for events or participation in online offers or surveys.

Optimized user experience

Heads optimized the user experience and user journey of the website. And in the new web design, the site now aligns with Perikom’s brand positioning. By implementing a user-friendly event application, the registration process is much easier. Valuable archive material was migrated and clearly structured on the new website.

Intuitive and user-oriented website

The consistent “mobile first” approach corresponds to user behavior and makes navigation easier. The numerous events can now be presented attractively and the registration process works intuitively. The professional articles can now be found under “News” and can be filtered by topic or time.

— Brand Experience