Brand design for the new sales and service partner of mobility solutions

The start has been successful: Several providers of innovative mobility solutions are already relying on Noviv Mobility AG. In Switzerland, for example, Noviv sells the Microlino light electric vehicle, the current “eye-catcher” in urban traffic, and has an exclusive partnership with the US manufacturer Lucid Motors in the field of bodywork and paintwork. And since February this year, Noviv has also been the operating and sales partner of Swiss start-up LOXO, the manufacturer of the first self-driving goods transporter. LOXO is currently in a test phase with companies such as Migros and Schindler Aufzüge.

Innovative appearance

The name Noviv comes from “nov” (Rhaeto-Romanic) = new, fresh, young, and “viv” = living (Rhaeto-Romanic “viver”). Heads developed the brand design. A dynamic “N”, used in the logo and as a monogram, serves as a striking design feature. An atmospheric imagery depicts the mobility landscape in urban living spaces and offers the innovations marketed by Noviv an appearance in a lively rather than technically cool tonality. An expressive petrol as the corporate colour rounds off the appearance.
Thierry Juilland, Managing Director of Noviv: “Heads has understood how to develop a look for us that is entirely at the service of the pioneering companies that we passionately support as sales and service partners”.

— Analysis / Brand Design / Experience Design