Martin Stiftung

A self-confident appearance for the Martin Foundation

The Erlenbach-based institution offers 137 adults with mental handicaps differentiated forms of living and working. An aging logo is to be replaced. The new logo should promote the self-confidence of the people in the Martin Stiftung. After all, the people in the Martin Foundation are – within the scope of their possibilities – active, creative, and productive.

Residents lend a hand themselves

Heads developed the logo with the active help of the residents of the Martin Foundation. They design letters that lead to the logo. Some draw entire letters themselves, others use templates and color them in. In this way, six logo variants are created from self-designed letters. Heads also finds the appropriate short form for the institution: “Different with a view.” The new claim confidently communicates “being different”. And by “view” is meant not only the breathtaking view of Lake Zurich that one enjoys in Erlenbach, but also the good prospects for the future that are offered to the residents.

Consistent and integrative branding

The residents and the entire staff are proud of their newly conveyed self-image. The appearance of the Martin Foundation is a prime example of consistent and integrative branding of social institutions.

— Analysis / Brand Positioning