Heads for Gryps: Re-launch of the online portal

Gryps supports over 45,000 Swiss SMEs in their day-to-day business. The digital service platform provides entrepreneurs with offer referrals as well as useful information and advice to ease the administrative burden. Gryps is a subsidiary of Axel Springer Schweiz AG. Heads has sharpened the positioning for the online portal, further developed the corporate wording and formulated the self-image by means of a brand promise and claim: “Master your everyday SME business cleverly and independently. Thanks to GRYPS, many things are simply well solved,” Gryps now promises. And in short form as a claim: “Simply good for business”.

Clear focus on SMEs

The corporate design has also been consistently geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises. With the redesign of the logo, corporate colors and fonts, and the development of an image concept taken directly from the SME world, the platform now not only has a straightforward and modern appearance, but also clearly conveys that Gryps is entirely at the service of SMEs – the backbone of the Swiss economy.

Small companies with Gryps

Urs Gysling, member of the Gryps management board, comments: “Large companies have internal specialists, small companies have Gryps. We want to deliver on this promise to SMEs with a broad range of services, including guides, webinars, advice, tools and offer comparisons on a wide range of topics. We would like to thank Heads for their extremely professional support in further developing the Gryps brand. The online portal for SMEs now has a different stature, which is already clearly reflected in the new logo and appearance, which represents us excellently.”

— Analysis / Brand Design / Experience Design