A national research focus shows its interdisciplinarity in the logo

The aim of the National Center of Competence in Research Digital Fabrication is to combine various digital technologies with the physical construction process. To this end, the most talented scientists in the fields of architecture, structural design, materials and computer sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and robotics are cooperating. Heads was commissioned by ETH Zurich to develop a visual identity for the project.

The design solution anticipates the future

The result is a design that conveys the connection of technologies in an independent way. The logo is designed in such a way that it remains coherent for all future, but today still unknown, research approaches and results. The combination of the letters “dfab”, the abbreviation for digital fabrication, symbolizes the interconnectedness of the different actors and the interdisciplinarity of the research area.

The central feature

The new image manages to convey interdisciplinarity as a central feature of the innovative research at the interface of architecture and civil engineering. Prof. Matthias Kohler, Director, and Head of Research at the NCCR Digital Fabrication: “Heads convinced us with their systematic approach to corporate design development and created an appearance that resonates with our very different reference groups.”

— Analysis / Brand Design

“We were impressed by Heads’ systematic approach to corporate design development and they were able to create a brand for us that resonates with all of our extremely varied stakeholder groups.”

Prof. Matthias Kohler,
Director and Research Director of the NCCR “Digital Fabrication”