Redesign for a more independent brand experience

Bataillard is Switzerland’s largest privately owned wine importer, with a range of over 2,000 items and annual sales of around 13 million bottles. Two of the company’s most popular wines, “Senza Parole” and “Silentium”, are often confused because of their similarity in label design. Both are full-bodied red wines with a logo reminiscent of ancient Celtic symbols. Senza Parole, the undisputed bestseller at Bataillard, is to retain its design, while a redesign is being commissioned from Heads for Silentium.

Redesign with recognition value

The Silentium label will be redesigned so that the wine is clearly differentiated from Senza Parole, but at the same time Silentium customers will still find their “calming” wine in the display of their wine merchant. The font, which is at peace with itself, is complemented by an emblem that refers to the Norman traces found in Puglia. Variations are designed for the Riserva and the white wine.

More clarity on the wine shelf

Thanks to differences in font and logo, Silentium can clearly differentiate itself from Senza Parole. And with the concise, cross-like logo, the Riserva and the white wine are also clearly assigned to the “Silentium” brand.

— Brand Experience